Unity Jun is an incredibly uplifting beverage that consistently inspires smiles of delight!

We craft our delicious Jun with raw Vancouver Island honey, organic teas & herbs, and really awesome water.

Unity Jun is a living elixir (similar to kombucha) that’s created through a unique synergy of gifts from across the Kingdoms of Life: probiotic Bacteria and Fungi, the magic of the Bees, Plant medicines, and Human love and intention. The Jun culture is a powerful symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and fungus that makes healthy Antioxidants, Probiotics, Enzymes and B-Vitamins which help digestion, immunity, and overall well-being.

We craft this sparkling symphony with organic teas, raw Vancouver Island honey, and water structured with our special Solé: a liquid crystal mineral matrix of sacred waters gathered from around the globe. Then we further flavour each batch with organic fruits, herbs and spices for their medicinal properties and exquisite tastes. The effect is an effervescent and uplifting drink that tastes amazing, feels great and is also really good for you.

UnityJun forest bottles.jpg